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Fight Club #1

Image of Fight Club #1


24x30" High-quality, limited-edition digital archival print.
Signed by the Artists. Prints are shipped in a wide tube via USPS.

About the Series
Fight Club — a photo exhibit by Jonathan Owens & Jerry Koepp. Fighters are intense, bold and intimidating. However once you get to know them, you come to appreciate their forthright sense of purpose and honor.

About the Artists
Jonathan Owens / photographer
Georgia native Jonathan Owens studied music at Georgia State University. Southern roots and third world travel inform a human and minimal artistic approach.

Jerry Koepp / artist . designer . director
CAD resident artist, Jerry Koepp, works to create, evolve, and refine ideas that exist within his imagination, bringing them to life. As an artist, he explores the human condition; what does it mean to be human in a social, cultural and personal context.